Bridges between people

Mission Statement

In order to be able to offer consistently good services regardless of the person performing the task, we are committed to complying with the following principles.


We only employ suitably qualified staff in the placement, qualification and administration functions. We treat the individual with mutual respect, which is the basis of our collaboration in the company. Humanity and consideration are our cornerstones. Within this framework, we strive to achieve performance and success for the common good of the whole company. Our staff receive regular training updates, while allowing them to develop their individual strengths.


We aim to make the workplace attractive for our employees and customers in order to guarantee an optimum environment. The offices and classrooms are adapted to the target groups and are designed and equipped to meet with adult educational and technical criteria.

High quality standards

Potential seminar participants receive a clear statement from us regarding the necessary qualifications and learning requirements. We will advise them that active participation is encouraged to maximise their learning experience. Teaching and learning materials correspond to educational requirements and standards and are frequently revised and updated. The seminars incorporate a variety of methods. We guarantee our participants high standards of confidentiality and consistency, particularly in our individual coaching.


Our seminar prospectus is transparent with regards to objective, participant requirements and conditions, length and number of teaching hours, graduation, location, cost, teaching methodology and terms and conditions. We provide a certificate of attendance, which contains the organisation’s name, the name and the aim of the event, as well as the content and timeframe. We work in a focused manner to support our participants in their professional orientation, continual development and integration into the job market.