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Due to our long term cooperation with nationwide job centres, we understand the challenges that can arise from the collaboration with, and care of, long-term unemployed, refugees and young people.

In this collaboration, we see ourselves as expert mediators between you and our participants. Here, we see our strengths not only in motivating the aforementioned target groups, but also through the high transparency of our work that our individual coaching offers. Therefore, it is important for us to always be contactable by all involved. We are here for you.

Employment agencies and integration specialists receive all the relevant information, plans and results in detailed reports and follow-up appointments to ensure the continued success of our participants.

We also offer all of our activation and job centre vouchers online!

This makes it possible for all of the target groups to participate, as well as in cases of personal, local or nationwide restrictions.

We offer:

Integration compass

Knowing, learning about and living in Germany

Refugees, immigrants, unemployed/job seekers- this seminar offers a solution for starting a new life. Here, German culture relating to all areas of life is brought closer to the home culture in a relaxed manner. The seminar aims to fulfil the objective of making people proactive in accepting Germany as a new home and participating in the job market.

Job pathways

The right way to the desired job

This seminar is aimed at young immigrants (under the age of 31) with or without job training. It is an orientation guide on the plethora of job possibilities for all levels of education in Germany. The training also inspires self-confidence and the participant’s motivation, which pave the way to a successful start in employment. We are also keen to advise companies who would like to register young immigrants on the course. More details can be found under “Consultation”.

Orientation for women

Starting in Germany as a mother and woman

The seminar inspires self-confidence and strengthens existing basic skills for women with a background of immigration. The seminar explains how these skills can be effectively used for entering the employment and job market. We also provide options to women without job training or qualifications and motivate them for starting a career.

Digital application training


Knowledge of computers is essential for integration into the job market. For this reason, this seminar is aimed at all groups of people, regardless of their age or background, in order to support the acquisition of the necessary knowledge about PCs. The primary focus here is to independently produce resumes and cover letters for online applications.


F: Flexible I: Integrative T: Training

Da der erste Eindruck innerhalb eines Bewerbungsgesprächs von entscheidender Bedeutung ist, coachen wir die Teilnehmenden unter anderem hinsichtlich ihres äußeren Erscheinungsbildes und zeigen ihnen auf, wie sie durch die passende Kleidung und ein gepflegtes Äußeres souverän und selbstsicher auftreten können. Ziel ist es, das Selbstbewusstsein und die Motivation der Teilnehmenden nachhaltig zu stärken. Zusätzlich möchten wir die Teilnehmenden an das Thema Sport und Stressprävention heranführen und sie sensibilisieren auf ihre physische sowie psychische Gesundheit zu achten. Den Teilnehmenden werden hierfür gezielte Übungen aufgezeigt, die ihnen helfen sollen sowohl im Alltag als auch im Berufsleben nachhaltig Stress abzubauen und resilient zu werden. Das Einzelcoaching richtet sich an alle Personengruppen unabhängig ihrer Herkunft, die aufgrund einer Langzeiterwerbslosigkeit intensive Unterstützung bei der Wiedereingliederung in den Arbeitsmarkt benötigen. Auch alleinerziehende Frauen und Männer möchten wir mit unserem Einzelcoaching ansprechen, da die Betroffenen häufiger vor die Herausforderung gestellt werden, Familie und Beruf vereinbaren zu müssen und ihnen der Einstieg in den Arbeitsmarkt somit besonders erschwert wird.