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We advise small and medium sized companies as well as international corporations regarding all aspects of the integration and implementation of foreign (specialist) staff. International projects or areas of work require staff with specialist skills and very good language knowledge. We advise companies on the choice of suitable staff.

We offer two different types of support:

Coaching for managers and employees

This is for coaching for staff who will work abroad (in countries where Arabic and Farsi are spoken). The coaching provides an insight into the culture, mindset and ways of working in the respective country to managers and employees in preparation for their departure.

Recruitment and HR consultation

We support the recruitment of staff with specialist subject, country and language knowledge (from Arabic and Farsi speaking countries). We preselect potential employees based on your requirements. We support application processes and assist with the choice of applicants (for example, managing the assessment of resumes and initial interviews with applicants).

Please contact us at Cultural Lights with any additional questions.