Bridges between people

Cultural Lights

Our goal is to build bridges between people from different cultures.

Similarities should be emphasized. Understanding, tolerance and acceptance should be created.

We want to pave the way for cultures to live together. We provide insights into other cultures, -mindsets, -idiosyncrasies and -traditions such as the political situation and the economy.

How can strangers from both sides initially achieve a mutual understanding? What does a person need to start in a new environment? We try to answer these questions, to promote open-mindedness, and to encourage people to gain confidence, which enables a clear perspective and allows people to become part of a society which is initially unfamiliar.

Through our seminars, training and consultation services, we develop an understanding of communication with people from different cultures and lifestyles.

Employers, employees, refugees, immigrants, unemployed/job-seekers, single mothers/fathers- we want to offer solutions and work with you to implement them.

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Individual Coaching